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Monday Love Promotions is committed to providing a world-class event promotion for our clients in Indianapolis. Our team will partner with you to help you pack your event, exhibit, or trade show. We engineer every aspect of the promotion process from initiation to execution. We believe so much in excellence and so will ensure that every part of your event promo accurately reflects your brand from the minute detail to the most advanced task. If you need an event promoter, contact us on 3174800551.

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Our major aim is to pair musicians with a receptive audience at the right venue for the band. When it comes to promotion, we assure you we spare no effort or expense at making sure that everyone who needs to know about the gig will know about it. We offer this all at a competitive price, without compromising quality. We have built up a stellar reputation so if you need a music event promoter, look no further.

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We only bring highly trained individuals and professionals into our team, and provide our staff with periodical training to keep them up to date with the latest trends in today's ever-changing environment. Our customer care department is professional and always available and supportive providing you with all the necessary information that ensures a smooth running event without any hiccups.

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